The following production details were found in an online interview, given in promotion of Mattimeo.
Deep in the Mossflower Woods sits Redwall Abbey, home to a community of gentle mice, otters and badgers. Theirs is a powerful tale of fantasy and epic adventure that links heroism, courage, companionship and humor. The cartoon adaptation of Brian Jacques' beloved "Redwall" children's book series continues with Nelvana Limited's "Redwall II: Mattimeo," created with Cambridge Animation Systems' Animo software.

In its first season, "Redwall" set the stage with the story of Matthias, a young mouse determined to find the legendary sword of Martin the Warrior to help him defend the abbey against the attack of the evil rat Cluny and his villainous hordes. The series of 13 half-hour episodes of "Redwall II" convenes in the aftermath of Cluny's defeat. Matthias now has a son, Mattimeo, who reflects none of his father's heroic character. As Slagar the Fox, a villain from the past, resurfaces to exact revenge on Matthias and Redwall Abbey, it is up to Mattimeo and the other children of the abbey to fend off Slagar and his band of evil marauders and restore peace. "Redwall II" joins its predecessor "Redwall" on Canada's Teletoon Network this fall [of 2000].

Time Savers and Camera Tricks "Redwall II" benefited from numerous Animo features that enabled Nelvana to save time and meet quality requirements. The color model editor allowed animators to keep the same colors and painted backgrounds that were used in the first "Redwall" series. "The ability to edit a 'master' color library and have that change affect all the scenes that contained that model was a great time saver," says Dan Mokriy, production assistant at Nelvana. "Alternate pallettes made compositing much more efficient and helped us create various camera tricks that would be difficult, if not impossible, to do with other packages."

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