The Television Series is currently comprised of three sagas, Redwall, Mattimeo, and Martin the Warrior. Each saga is thirteen episodes in length.
  1. Cluny the Scourge - Part I
  2. Cluny the Scourge - Part II
  3. Treachery
  4. Sparra's Kingdom
  5. Cluny's Clowns
  6. High Standards
  7. Captain Snow
  8. Battle Plans
  9. The Visitor
10. A Favour Returned
11. Asmodeus
12. Underground
13. The Final Conflict

14. Slagar the Slaver
15. The Magician Revealed
16. Where the Little Folk Go
17. Found... and Lost
18. To Be a Warrior
19. Ironbeak
20. Peril in the Toplands
21. Feathered Friends and Foes
22. The Abyss
23. Malkariss
24. Battle
25. Reunited
26. Return to Redwall

27. Captured!
28. The Return of Clogg
29. Escape from Marshank
30. New Friends and Old Enemies
31. The Play's the Thing
32. Freedom and Monsters
33. The Great Escapes
34. From Marsh to Mountain Heights
35. Heroes and Fools
36. Tunnel Vision
37. Felldoh's Revenge
38. Battlefield Marshank
39. Rose of Noonvale

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