Episode #17 - An In-Depth Review

"Found... and Lost"
[From the Introduction] "Hello! I'm Brian Jacques and welcome to Redwall! Matthias, Basil, and friends are now on the right track to rescue Mattimeo and the kidnapped young ones. As Matthias searches, Cornflower and the others try to solve the riddle that will lead them to their little folk. However, Slagar is a sly fox, so rescue may not be as easy as it seems. Watch today's episode with me and find out what happens!"

[When asked about Redwall Food] "You're no kind of a restaurant at all if you don't have the moles' favorite, deeper 'n ever turnip 'n tater 'n beetroot pie. Bo hurr. Oi cudd greatly go wid a bowl o' that! Nobody understands moles. Then, howzabout a... umm... a meadowcream pasty with a garnish of hazelnut slices and a few elderberries around the edge. Or are elderberries out of season? I'll have two portions and a large spoon! Ohohohoho!"

[Character Spotlight on Vitch] "Vitch is a little rat! Not only in species, but in spirit! Vitch is the little spy, the puny rat who is sent into Redwall to mix with the other creatures, to spy on them and bring information out to Slagar. There's nothing nice about Vitch."

[ASK THE AUTHOR Segment] "If you could meet one character from the story, who would you meet and why?"

"I suppose if I could meet one, just one character, I think it would have to be one of the great badger lords. One of the great warriors. Suppose, for instance, the one from Mossflower, Boar the Fighter! Because I'd just like to see one of those great warlords, one of those badgers, and speak to him and see actually how big he was, and how strong he was, and how noble he was, because Boar was noble because he sacrificed his life so Martin and his friends could escape. I think I'd like to meet Boar. Yeah. But not on a dark night."


The episode opens with last-week's tapestry shots, which were: 1) The slavers forcing the dibbuns to march; 2) The Redwallers gathered around the tapestry; and 3) Matthias, Jess, Jabez, Basil, and Orlando forming a circle while nine of Jabez's daughters look-on.

Right before Tess tells Mattimeo about Wedgeback's dagger, we see Matti wishing that he'd been a better son to his mother and father.

A short scene was added showing Cornflower and the others informing Constance of the "li'l folkses" discovery.

After Matthias and the others are trapped in the cave-in, we see Slagar laughing overhead and it fades to the tapestry closings, which are: 1) Slagar and two of his men pushing the rocks off the cliff; 2) Matthias, Orlando, and the others running into the cave, weapons drawn; and 3) A line of chained mice (meant to be the slaves) in green habits. One (Tess, I assume) is crouching towards the river where a dagger rests in the water. Then, the credits roll.


- Some creative changes to the order of events at the river. First, the slaves are told to drink some water rather than to get some rest. At this point, Sam suggests they slide into the river to escape, something he didn't do in the book. At that point, Wedgeback gets up to tell them off and slips in a puddle (which is where he drops his dagger). In the book, Wedgeback slipped as he told them to get some rest.

- Mattimeo tells the others that, after they escape, they'll get reinforcements and come to rescue the others. He didn't in the book.

- Vitch suddenly awakes and notices the prisoners are gone. Then, another vermin begins crying "Escape!" In the book, Scringe was returning to relay orders from Slagar when he noticed the prisoners were missing.

- Vitch and Threeclaws are sent into the water rather than Vitch and Browntooth.

- The example Tess uses to suggest using the reeds to breathe is, "Remember how we drank Ambrose's cordial?" rather than "Remember how we lay under the Abbey pond breathing through reeds like this last summer when Constance was looking for us?" I believe this change had more to do with us having actually seen the cordial example.

- They left out the discovery of the foundation stone.

- Constance is the one to identify the statue as Germaine in the series. In the book, Cornflower did so.

- Foremole catches the stone tablets rather than Gaffer.


Rosyqueen (Susan Roman) - Unfortunately, Rosyqueen had very few lines, so I wasn't able to form an overall opinion of Ms. Roman's performance.


This section of the reviews keeps getting harder and harder. Even allowing a few months to let the shock of going from interpretation to adaptation sink in, I still have no problems with these episodes. There were very few changes this week and what was changed was inconsequential.

And, while not as nice as it would have been if his drinking songs had been left in, Rollo's singing "Seeker Flounder inner stones, oho" is excellent (in a dibbun-y sort of way. ;)

My one gripe with this episode (which, unfortunately, stays throughout the season) is Orlando's mispronunciation of "Eulalia". For those who don't know, the correct pronunciation is "yoo-lay-lee-ahh". Orlando, however, yells "ay-yoo-lah" instead. I don't know the reason for the change, but "ay-yoo-lah" (aula?) isn't anywhere near as intimidating as a full-fledged "EULALIAAAAAA!!!!" BJ got it right in last week's extra footage. Here's hoping they correct it in future seasons.

What? Can this be? Nitpicks reduced to a single mispronunciation? You'd better believe it. Think about that. ;) Once again, Mattimeo's been great.

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