The following is a complete voice-actor cast-list for season one of Redwall.
Basil Stag Hare - Richard Binsley
Cluny the Scourge - Diego Matamoros
Cornflower - Alison Pill
Matthias - Tyrone Savage
Father Abbot (Mortimer) - Chris Wiggins (I)
Constance - Janet Wright

John Churchmouse - John Gilbert
Myrtle - Alyson Court
Matthias (age 3) - Marc Donato
Brother Alf - John Stocker
Methuselah - Wayne Robson
Voice of Martin the Warrior - Ben Campbell
Friar Hugo - Andrew Gillies
Darkclaw - Ben Campbell
Redtooth - Andrew Gillies
Shadow - Francois Klanfer
Ragear - Dan Hennessey
Asmodeus - David Hemblen
Foremole - Graham Haley
Sela - Julie Lemieux
Fangburn - Lawrence Bayne
Cheesethief - John Stocker
Killconey - Lawrence Bayne
Chickenhound - Jonathan Wilson
Warbeak - Tracey Moore
Jess - Susan Roman
King Bull Sparra - Ben Campbell
Dunwing - Ellen-Ray Hennessy
Guosim - Marion Day
Logalog - Bruce Dow
Shrew #1 - Lawrence Bayne
Shrew #2 - Graham Haley
Julian Gingivere - Keith Knight
Captain Snow - Richard Denison
Mingo - Jonathan Wilson
Plumpen - Adrian Egan
Mattimeo - Cole Caplan

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