Redwall Directed by - Raymond Jafelice

Mattimeo Directed by - Luc Bihan and Raymond Jafelice

Co-Director- Pascal Pinon

Assistant Director - Karen Lessmann

Music Composed and Performed by - Jack Procher and Daniel Fernandez

Casting and Voice Director - Jessie Thomson

Episode #1-#2, #13 Written by - Steve Roberts

Episode #3, #6, #12 Written by - Glenn Norman

Episode #4, #8, #10 Written by - Michelle Goodeve

Episode #5, #11 Written by - Toby Roberts

Episode #7 Written by - Richard Barnard

Episode #9 Written by - Ruth McCartney

Episode #14 Script Adaptation by - Steve Roberts

Episode #15, #19 Script Adaptation by - Michelle Goodeve

Episode #16, #18 Script Adaptation by - Glenn Norman

Episode #17, #20 Script Adaptation by - Toby Roberts

Executive Producers - Michael Hirsh, Christian Davin, Patrick Loubert, Clive Smith, Dan Maddicott

Supervising Producers - Stephen Hodgins, Patricia R. Burns, Jocelyn Hamilton

Line Producers - Lynne Warner, Corine Marcel

Developed for TV by - Steve Roberts

Story Editor - Steve Roberts

Creative Consultant - Chris Baker

Design Supervisor - Alan Knappett

Design Co-Ordinator - Mart Matsoo

Designers - Todd Kauffman, KoKo Maung, Mark Poulin, Pat Rowsome, Marijan Trpkovic, Christopher Williams, James Wood, Isabelle Python, Katia Surmenian, Jean-Charles Ripell

Key Animation - Cynthia Ward

Colour Stylist - Trudy Binder

BG Artists - Mike Doherty, Michael Hitchcox, Christine Rother

BG Co-Ordinator - Sandra Catherine Yeaman

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