The following is a complete voice-actor cast-list for season two of Redwall, Mattimeo.
Basil Stag Hare - Richard Binsley
Slagar the Cruel - Tim Curry
Cornflower - Melissa McIntyre
Matthias - Tyrone Savage
Mattimeo - Michael Seater
Father Mordalfus - John Stocker
Constance - Janet Wright

Ambrose Spike - Paul Soles
Andes - Graham Haley
Auma - Kristin Fairlie
Baby Rollo - Ezra Perlman
Black Robbed Rat - Bruce Dow
Cheek - Kylie Fairlie
Crow - Chris Wiggins
Cynthia - Sarah Gadon
Damper - Raymond Jafelice
Deadnose - Anthony Bekenn
Elmtail - Amos Crawley
Fengal - Richard Binsley
Fleaback - Richard Binsley
Flugg - Raymond Jafelice
Foremole - Graham Haley
Grubclaw - Andrew Gillies
Guard - John Stocker
Halftail - Graham Haley
Hedgehog Slave - Jake Goldsbie
Ironbeak - Wayne Best
Jabez - Wayne Best
Jess - Susan Roman
John Churchmouse - John Gilbert
Jube - Ali Mukaddam
Loamdog - Graham Haley
Log-A-Log - Bruce Dow
Malkariss - Andrew Gillies
Mangiz - Chris Wiggins
Martin the Warrior - Ben Campbell
Mouse Slave - Sarah Gadon
Mrs. Churchmouse - Catherine Disher
Nadaz - Graham Haley
Old Rabbit - John Stocker
Orlando - Anthony Bekenn
Ragwing - Richard Binsley
Rosyqueen - Susan Roman
Sam - Alex House
Scringe - Anthony Bekenn
Scurl - Noah Reid
Sir Harry the Muse - Andrew Gillies
Sister May - Fiona Reid
Skan - John Stocker
Skinpaw - Wayne Best
Sparra - Catherine Disher
Stonefleck - Ben Campbell
Stryke - Ellen-Ray Hennessy
Tess - Sarah Gadon
Three Claws - John Stocker
Tim Churchmouse - Alex House
Tim Churchmouse (Adult) - Jonathan Wilson
Vitch - Jake Goldsbie
Warbeak - Tracey Moore
Weasel Guard - Richard Binsley
Winifred - Catherine Disher

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