Welcome to RWTV: Redwall on TV! In 1999, the task of turning the book Redwall into a television series was undertaken by the Canadian-based Nelvana and the France-based Alphanim. The series was well received by fans in Canada, France, and the UK, prompting the creation of a second arc, episodes 14-26, adapting the book Mattimeo. The popularity of the two arcs has prompted yet a third arc, this time adapting Martin the Warrior.

In April of 2001, the twenty-six episodes that comprise Redwall and Mattimeo began airing on PBS stations all across the United States. Finally, many of Brian Jacques' fans are able to see his tale come to life. I was one of those fans, one of the lucky few who got to see the series on the "first wave" or airdates and not have to wait until that June or August. This page is a place for those who haven't yet seen the series to catch a glimpse of it. A place where in-depth looks at each episode will be added until the series has aired in full. A place to gauge how well the adaptation fares.

Currently, the series is airing on Teletoon in Canada and on select-PBS stations in America. To find out if Redwall is airing near you, check TVGuide.com.

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April 24th, 2003
Having completed its North-American VHS release, it appears that the 'Redwall' television series is now setting its sights on the DVD format. The first 'Redwall' DVD (entitled 'The Adventure Begins', same as the first VHS) is slated to be released on June 24th, 2003 at the price of $14.99.

The DVD boasts the first six episodes of 'Redwall':

No word on whether they'll release the remaining seven episodes of the first season on one additional disc or two. This move bodes well for those waiting for 'Mattimeo' and 'Martin the Warrior' to be released, though, as the DVD format makes such releases far more economical from a production standpoint.

Additionally, there's been no word on what kind of extras, if any, there will be on this DVD. Given the amount of importance (or lack thereof) Nelvana accords the series, I'd be skeptical of seeing any extras.

As always, the DVD can be ordered from VideoFlicks. (I assume it will be available via Chapters.indigo.ca as well, but it has not found its way into their catalog as-of-yet).

Stay tuned to RWTV or the Newsline for more developments.

(Special thanks to forum member Russus Robur for bringing this to my attention.)

February 27th, 2003
For some reason, this is the first update since moving to our new home at rwtv.longpatrolclub.com. Trust me, more are on the way!

For now, however, just a quick rundown of Newsline updates relevant to RWTV.

I contacted one of the Supervising Producers of the show, Jocelyn Hamilton, to see where things stood regarding season four. The response I received was as follows:
We are prepared to produce another season if it is financially feasible. At the moment, we cannot get an American broadcaster to take notice and help finance a fourth season. We all love working on this series especially since we are able to make a new book each season. It's never dull. The short answer is that we will only be able to make this series again if broadcasters buy it and back it.

So, as things currently stand, no fourth season is in production and that's unlikely to change unless, through a miraculous twist of fate, an American broadcaster decides to help with the funding.

On the plus side, however, two more NTSC video tapes have been released, completing the first season's North American release. The first tape, Redwall: The Visitor, contains episodes #9 ('The Visitor') and #10 ('A Favour Returned'), while the second tape, Redwall: The Final Conflict, contains episodes #11 ('Asmodeus'), #12 ('Underground'), and #13 ('The Final Conflict'). It's unknown whether or not the VHS releases will continue into the second or third seasons. As always, the tapes can be purchased at either VideoFlicks or Chapters.indigo.ca.

In somewhat related news, the boxart for the third NTSC volume, "The Search for Martin's Sword", has been added to the Videos page.

And that brings us up to date. If you haven't yet, please Sign the Petition.

June 10th, 2002
It's time.

One aspect of the 'Redwall' television series that almost all fans agree on is that the score, composed by Jack Procher and Daniel Fernandez, is incredible. Seldom do series animated in North America receive such an excellent soundtrack. Unfortunately, the only way to currently hear the music is via the show itself, with numerous voices getting in the way. That is why we are trying to convince Nelvana Co. Ltd., the production company behind 'Redwall', to release this wonderful score on a CD soundtrack.

However, 'Redwall' is not one of Nelvana's flagship shows, meaning if we sit around hoping for a soundtrack, it probably won't happen. We need to show Nelvana that there is a demand for this product, leaving them with no alternative but to release it.

So, like I said I would in my interviews with Jack and Daniel, I'm starting a petition to convince them.

If you'd be willing to purchase the soundtrack of 'Redwall', please sign the petition.

Help Make the 'Redwall' Soundtrack a Reality.

Webmasters/Forum Hosts, I would appreciate it if you'd mention the petition on your site/board. Those of you who post at multiple Redwall forums, I'd appreciate you spreading the word. If this petition is to have any sort of impact on Nelvana, it needs maximum exposure. Every signature helps. Thank you all. Again, it's appreciated.

June 1st, 2002
Due to the interest in sheet music for the 'Redwall' television show's theme song, I've teamed up with Treerose, LP Charter Member and all-around musical genius, to produce some fan made sheets. The music has been added to the Multimedia section and can be found here. This sheet music may NOT be posted on any other website and may be downloaded only for your personal use.

Also, the third NTSC 'Redwall' video has been announced, entitled "The Search for Martin's Sword". The tape contains two episodes, #7 'Captain Snow' and #8 'Battle Plans'. The tape is scheduled for release July 23rd. Mark your calendars.

April 21st, 2002
Recently, Steve Roberts, Story Editor and Writer of the 'Redwall' TV series, generously agreed to be interviewed by me. He's a great guy and cleared up the "why" of a few changes and also explained more about what goes into the production of the show. I can't thank him enough for his time. So, do yourself a favor and go read my Interview with Steve Roberts. You won't regret it.

I've also added the box art for the second NTSC release, "Cluny's Clowns", to the Videos section.

April 3rd, 2002
I've just finished overhauling the site design. Much better than the previous one, if I do say so myself. ;) Sorry I don't have a new In-Depth Review to accompany it.

The reason for the design change is twofold. First, the third season begins airing in the US this month! What better way to signify something new? Secondly, this is our anniversary month. It was a year ago, last April, that RWTV first hit the web. It goes by quickly, doesn't it?

If you've been visiting RWTV exclusively, ignoring The Long Patrol and The Redwall Newsline, then you're probably not aware of a few developments.

First off, two more interviews with the folks behind the scenes of the TV series have taken place. I've interviewed Daniel Fernandez, one of the composers for the series; Glenn Norman, one of the writers; and Michelle Goodeve, another writer (the latter two were interviewed together). You can find these interviews, along with Jack Procher's, by clicking on "Interviews" to the left.

Secondly, NORTH AMERICAN REDWALL VIDEOS HAVE BEGUN TO HIT SHELVES! Yes, that's right, we've got NTSC formatted videos. Unfortunately, they're only on shelves in Canada. You can order them online (rather cheaply) from either Chapters.indigo.ca or VideoFlicks, though. For a breakdown of the NTSC releases, visit the Videos section to the left.

Finally, like I said above, season three, Martin the Warrior, begins airing on PBS this month. Drop by PBS.org to see if it's airing near you.

That brings us up to date. Enjoy the new layout! I'll be finishing up those In-Depth Reviews now.

January 28th, 2002
Four new reviews have been added. Episode #17, "Found... and Lost"; Episode #18, "To Be a Warrior"; Episode #19, "Ironbeak"; and Episode #20, "Peril in the Toplands". The last six reviews should be completed over the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience!

Also, no, there is still no word on a US release of Redwall on VHS. Sorry.

August 5th, 2001
The Review for Episode #16, "Where the Little Folk Go", has been added. Another great episode.

August 2nd, 2001
I'm back and so are the reviews. The Reviews for Episode #14, "Slagar the Slaver", and Episode #15, "The Magician Revealed", have been added. There will be some more reviews over the next few days, then we'll settle back into weekly update routine. So, enjoy!

There's an update on the video front. Sort of. A Redwall DVD has been announced, slated for release in the UK on September 17th, 2001. This is simply the DVD edition of the abridged movie, however. Also, it's Region 2 encoded. That means it still can't be played in the US (we use Region 1). Region 2 encompasses Europe, the Middle East, and Japan, so if you live in those areas, or if you have a Region Free DVD player, be sure to pick up the DVD. No word on any extras yet.

July 10th, 2001
The Review for Episode #13, "The Final Conflict", has been added, which wraps up my in-depth analysis of the first season (Redwall's adaptation).

An extended cast list for season one has been added to the Cast and Crew section. Special thanks to LP Forum member Ryan28 for providing me with the information.

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